Due to an error in the billing system on November 29, 2023, some of our customers have mistakenly received two invoices from the same parking event.
Please make the payment for the invoice with the lower invoice number. We will credit the invoice with the higher invoice number.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


Where are you going?


Together we are

EuroPark and AutoParkki merged
under the same roof on 1 March 2023.

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a parking space

We have plenty of parking spaces
for rent, from Helsinki to Rovaniemi

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Functional solutions
for parking

We have diverse expertise
in parking zone management.

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Our new charging service

Our Autopay Park & Charge charging service
is currently available at three
car parks in Helsinki city centre

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How to park
in an Autopay car park

In our Autopay parking locations, a registration number identification system determines when your parking time begins and ends as you enter and exit.

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Did you forget to pay
the parking fee?

Pay for parking with a payment card within 48 hours of exiting our Autopay car park without any extra cost. Enter the registration number without a hyphen, e.g. ABC123.

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Avoid queues
at the pay station

At our Autopay car parks, you can pay the parking fee without any extra cost using automatic payment when you sign up as a user.

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Parking made easy

At non-Autopay car parks,
the parking fee is paid for the entire parking time as soon as
parking begins, using either a pay station or by mobile payment.

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Do you need a temporary
parking permit?

For certain car parks, you can buy a temporary
parking permit online.

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