Farkkutakkinen henkilö kävelee kauppakassit kädessään. Vieressä on vihreä-valkoinen auto ja taustalla tiilirakennus.

Start using the carsharing service in EuroPark garages!

GreenMobility Carsharing is now available in three EuroPark parking garages in Helsinki and Espoo.

EuroPark’s collaboration with GreenMobility will grow when carsharing also becomes available at P-Sello car park. The Danish-based company has been offering carsharing services in Finland since 2020. The service idea is to offer easy and effortless car travel in the spirit of sharing economy. All GreenMobility cars are electric and they use energy that is produced at Finnish wind farms.

GreenMobility cars can be found at three EuroPark parking garages – P-Eliel and P-CityForum in Helsinki and P-Sello in Espoo.

GreenMobility cars allow you to park in the garages at no extra cost. Parking, charging and insurance are included in the car’s user fee.

Learn more on using the cars on the GreenMobility website.