Nainen parkkihallissa

Temporary parking permit

Do you need a temporary parking permit? For certain EuroPark locations, you can now directly buy a temporary parking permit online at The durations of parking permits bought online will vary by location, from one day to a maximum of 90 days. You can see the areas for which you can buy a permit on the Verkkoparkki website or the parking zone’s webpage.

Buy a permit online

Verkkoparkki is easy to use. When making the purchase, you define the starting time of parking yourself (date and time). The end date of the parking permit is determined by the parking products you have selected. You will need to enter your vehicle’s registration number in the service, which you can change while the parking permit is valid. Please note that only one vehicle at a time can be parked the area.

If your parking permit is not yet valid, you can change the start date yourself or cancel it. When the parking permit becomes valid, the permit can no longer be cancelled, nor can the period of validity be changed.

You can pay for the parking permit securely using your own online bank or payment card. You will receive a link with the order confirmation through which you will be able to change your vehicle registration number. If the parking permit does not immediately enter into force, you can also change the start date of the permit or cancel it using the link.

Any problems with the order or parking permit? Contact us via email at

Long-term parking permits

If you need a long-term parking permit/contract, you can fill out the form on the location’s webpage, if the location offers long-term contract spaces.