EuroPark valvonta

Information about area supervision

Need for supervision

  • At barrier-free parking areas, supervision is necessary to ensure that the terms of parking are followed and that parking fees are paid.
  • Supervision is equitable, as the terms of parking are the same for everyone. Without paying a parking fee, drivers risk receiving a penalty fee.

Area supervisors

  • Area supervision is carried out by area supervisors, who are dressed in uniform. In addition to providing supervision, area supervisors act as customer service. They guide and advise our parking customers.

Penalty fee

  • The penalty fee is a fixed compensation for failing to pay the parking fee, exceeding the paid parking time or otherwise neglecting the area’s terms of parking.
  • The area supervisor will write up a penalty fee, place it on the vehicle’s windscreen, and take photos of the situation.
  • The driver may file a complaint according to the instructions on the penalty fee. The fastest way to file a complaint is to complete the complaint form on our homepage.  Fill out a complaint form »

Principles of private parking

  • The private landowner, holder or person authorised by them has the right to decide on the use of their area for parking purposes.
  • In private parking areas, the parking operator presents the terms of parking clearly on a sign.
  • When driving into the parking area, the driver can decide whether to conclude an agreement with the parking operator and park in the area, or to drive out.
  • By parking in the area, the driver concludes a so-called tacit agreement with the parking operator and commits to complying with the terms of parking set out for the area.
  • The driver also commits to paying the (contractual) penalty fee for parking in violation of the terms.
  • The penalty fee is collected in the same way as any other fee based on a contract, that is, ultimately in court.
  • An authority can ask for an incorrectly parked vehicle, which may cause a hazard or needlessly hinder traffic, to be removed from the area.