EuroPark is a pioneer in parking

EuroPark was founded in Norway in 1979. Since then, our vision has been to offer your car a second home with easy parking. We have achieved this vision through innovative thinking and solutions that ensure easy and customer-friendly parking. Our barrier-free Autopay parking system is one of the latest innovations to put our vision into practice.

Good parking

  • saves time
  • is easy
  • makes traffic smoother
  • is affordable
  • improves urban living

This is how our customers have described good parking. But how do we, as a parking operator, provide good parking experiences? EuroPark has four promises: competence, reliability, flexibility and maximum performance. These are the promises we strive to fulfil in our day-to-day operations.


From promises to reality

As a parking expert, we ensure that parking is as easy as possible for our customers. Entering and parking in our parking zones
is easy.

Our operations are well organised, which ensures a functional and safe experience for our customers and their cars. As a customer, you can rely on our top-class service, from the cleanliness of our parking locations to our customer service.

We are a flexible business partner. We are currently working with organisations in various fields, including theatres, shopping centres, cinemas, gyms, restaurants, and hotels.


Shall we talk briefly about the price of parking?

Our prices are influenced by a variety of factors. At EuroPark, the price of parking consists of rent, maintenance and servicing of buildings and parking infrastructure, service personnel and investments in and development of operations that support all this.

Our goal is to make parking easy for our customers now and in the future.

What if...

What if parking underground was more common in city centres? The streets would be free for other uses and their maintenance would be easier in winter. From the point of view of urban planning, streets free of parked cars would open up many opportunities.

If people who parked on the street started using car parks...

  • Traffic in city centres would become smoother
  • Unnecessary emissions could be reduced
  • Driving on streets would be easier and more comfortable
  • Road safety could be improved

These are things we should all consider when choosing whether to park our cars on the street or in a car park. The most sensible way to take advantage of car parks is to choose the entrance nearest to the direction of arrival and walk the rest of the way. This allows you to save not only your own time, but also that of other motorists. Driving around in circles to find a vacant parking space causes traffic jams and unnecessary emissions.

Thank you for choosing EuroPark as your car’s second home!


EuroPark in brief

  • More than 30 years of experience in parking management and its development in Finland
  • Parking zones from Helsinki to Rovaniemi
  • Our values are honesty, enthusiasm, ambition and teamwork
  • Approximately 40 dedicated parking professionals at your service
  • EuroPark Finland Oy is owned by the Norwegian family-owned company Indigo Management AS