Parking in EuroPark parking areas

Where are you going? To work, to the shops, home, on holiday, or out for exercise with the family? We have places to park your car during the trip, all the way from Helsinki to Rovaniemi. Our parking areas can be used for a quick stop, or you can park your car for a longer period of time. The choice is yours. We offer tens of thousands of parking spaces in 23 cities and at Helsinki Airport.

Effortless parking

Parking in EuroPark parking areas is easy and safe. They can be found at central locations in cities. It is important to us that our parking areas are clean and bright and offer effortless parking. Clear signs make visiting our parking areas easier.

The best place for your car

Whether you are visiting the city or need to park for a longer period of time, we have parking spaces for you. The parking areas’ own webpages provide information about parking tariffs, payment methods in the area, contract parking, possible parking benefits and additional services, among other things. Learn more about our car parks »

Additional services for motorists

In some of our locations, you can have your car washed, charge your electric or hybrid car, borrow an umbrella on a rainy day, or rent a shared car. You can find information about the additional services on each parking zone’s own page.

Customer service

Our customer service helps you and answers your questions by either phone or email. You can find the contact details for our customer service on the ‘Contact us!’ page »

Our customer service serves you at the large parking garages in Helsinki city centre: P-CityForum, P-Eliel and P-Ruoholahti. You can find the opening hours of these customer service desks on each parking zone’s own page.