How to park at EuroPark Pay & Park locations

It is easy to drive into a EuroPark Pay & Park parking area. They can be found at central locations in cities. At our Pay & Park areas, you can pay the parking fee either using a pay station or by mobile payment. The parking fee must be paid for the entire parking time as soon as parking begins. You can find information on the mobile payment operators available in the area at the pay stations, and the terms of parking for the area can be found next to the pay stations. It is possible to buy a temporary parking permit for some locations in advance at www.verkkoparkki.fi.

Payment methods

1. Pay station

You can pay the parking fee at a pay station using either coins or a payment card. Pay stations are easy to find at EuroPark parking areas. The are placed in such a way that they are easy to notice in the parking area.

The most common payment cards, 20 and 50 cent coins, and one and two euro coins are accepted at our pay stations. It is recommended to pay the exact amount when using coins, as the pay stations do not return change.

The pay station screen will provide instructions for payment.  There are also written instructions at the pay station for paying with a payment card.


2. Mobile payment

At most of our locations, you can also pay using mobile payment with the EasyPark, ParkMan or eParking Finland smartphone app. Start the mobile payment once you have parked your vehicle in the area. The applications will search for the parking area on the basis of your location, but you can also search for the area using the area code in the EasyPark app. In addition, you can search for the area using the address or directly from a map. Select the correct area and begin parking.

In order to make use of the mobile payment services, you must first download the app you want, register as a user and add your payment card details and vehicle registration number. After this, the app is ready to use.

Stop the payment when you are leaving the area. If needed, you can also extend the parking time.

Please note that EasyPark, ParkMan and eParking may charge their own service fee, meaning that the tariff charged may be different from the prices given by EuroPark. Please check your contract with the service provider you use. Learn more about mobile services at www.easypark.fi, www.parkman.fi and www.eparking.fi.


Get a parking permit online in advance

For certain EuroPark locations, you can directly buy a temporary parking permit online at www.verkkoparkki.fi. The durations of parking permits bought online will vary by location, from one day to a maximum of 90 days. You can see the areas for which you can buy a permit on the Verkkoparkki website or the parking zone’s webpage. Read more »

Parking control

Parking control is used at EuroPark’s Pay & Park areas. Drivers who do not pay the parking fee are at risk of a penalty fee. As such, please make sure that you pay the parking fee for the entire parking time as soon as parking begins. Information about parking control »