EuroPark Finland Oy’s merger with AutoParkki Norden Oy

Following the lightening and simplification of the company’s structure, AutoParkki Norden Oy’s operations and assets, including current contracts and all its employees, will be transferred to EuroPark Finland Oy on 28 February 2023, when AutoParkki Norden Oy merges with EuroPark Finland Oy. The merger strengthens our market position as a leading parking operator in Finland.

There will be no changes to the delivery and execution of the current contracts, and you will continue to receive service from your current familiar contact persons. We will update the guidance for AutoParkki areas during the winter and spring. The merger will not result in any new issues or work for you – we will take care of everything necessary. In connection with the merger, the EuroPark Finland Oy logo will also be revamped.

From 1 March 2023, invoices and payment information for AutoParkki Norden Oy’s current contracts will be delivered by EuroPark Finland Oy, business ID number 1544350-9.

Further information:
Christer Hede
Managing Director
+358 40 777 9666