Additional Autopay services

Do you or your personnel use the car parks in Helsinki city centre for short periods of time on a regular basis? Would you like to receive a consolidated invoice for these parking events? Would you like to offer your customers or guests an hour or two of free parking? We offer consolidated invoicing for regular short-term parking. You may also be interested in our Tap & Park service if you want to grant parking benefits. If you are interested in long-term parking, we offer 24/7 contract parking or night parking options. Learn more about contract parking »

10% off parking costs with consolidated invoicing

Consolidated invoicing is a convenient way to pay for all short-term parking events in one go. If you choose consolidated invoicing, you will get a discount on parking tariffs. Consolidated invoicing is automatically in use in P-CityForum, P-Eliel, P-Kamppi and P-Kluuvi. You can park your car freely in any of these car parks. As a consolidated invoicing customer, you will receive a 10% discount on standard short-term parking tariffs.

Whether you are a private or corporate customer, you must sign up for Autopay. Corporate customers receive access passes from the company's contact person, after which users can manage their own registration numbers. You must activate your access pass and add your vehicle’s registration number to the system before you exit the car park for the first time. The service is available online at

A separate agreement is always made for consolidated invoicing. We invoice for parking once a week. All parking events are itemised on the invoice. The vehicle's registration number, date, car park and amount charged are specified for each parking event.

Parking benefits for customers

Would you like to offer free parking to your customers or guests? Use the Autopay Tap & Park service to do easily it online. The benefit is the same for all customers, and it is always agreed in advance with EuroPark. We always invoice for parking on the basis of the actual parking time. For example, if the parking benefit is for two hours of parking and the customer exits the car park after only one hour, you will be charged for one hour of parking.

The terminal device can be installed at the checkout of your shop or restaurant or next to the door. A customer's vehicle registration number can be added to the system either by your company's personnel or by the customer themselves. The customer receives the agreed refund for their parking fee and does not need to do anything if they leave within the specified timeframe. If the refundable parking time is exceeded, the customer can pay for the excess time using an Autopay payment method »

Tap & Park can be activated at any Autopay location.

Ask for more information!

Our customer service is happy to help you and answer any questions you may have. You can find the contact details for our customer service on the car park’s own page or on the 'Contact us!' page »