All parking services under the same roof

Are you pondering your property’s parking issues? Could a plot of land waiting for construction be used for profit, or could more customers be brought in to an already functional parking zone? Are the investment costs of parking operations weighing on your mind? Or does parking space rental take too much time from your main business?

Ready-made parking solutions from EuroPark

Let EuroPark take care of your area or property’s parking operations for you. We offer ready-made parking solutions – quickly, professionally and flexibly. This way, you save time and effort. And you can focus on your core business without worry.

Our operations cover all of Finland

EuroPark has hundreds of parking zones of different sizes, from Helsinki to Rovaniemi. Our strengths are our long history in managing parking areas, our efficient team and flexibly taking customers’ needs into account.

EuroPark offers diverse parking services from starting up and managing parking zones to the sale and rental of parking devices. Our services also include contract parking or guest parking management services.

With EuroPark, you get:

  • car park management services for different segments, from hospitals to shopping centres.
  • electric vehicle charging services.
  • advice and the best ideas for the design of parking zones.


Our salespeople will gladly help you with parking matters.