Smarter parking system – Autopay

The Autopay concept is a user-friendly solution for parking zone users as well as property owners and management companies. The concept is based on the identification of vehicles’ registration numbers making barriers, access passes and parking tickets unnecessary. Traffic runs smoothly without interruptions. There are a number of different payment methods available. As the property owner, you have the opportunity to monitor the car park in real time.

Ideal for parking zones of many types and sizes

The first Autopay locations were opened in Finland in 2016. Since then, we have developed the concept with determination by listening to our customers. The result is a highly reliable and functional system. Autopay serves different target groups, such as short-term customers, guests and contract parking customers as well as property owners and management companies.

Autopay works well in different operating environments and parking areas. We are constantly developing new interfaces for Autopay that allow the service to be connected to other services or systems. At the moment, we cooperate with hotels, shopping centres, airports, trade fair centres, hospitals and business parks.

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100% transparent cooperation

Autopay offers property owners and management companies comprehensive and easy tools for 24/7 surveillance. This makes parking-related decision-making easier and faster. You can monitor parking area statistics, such as income, parking times, utilisation rate, and payment methods. All activities can be traced back to the system, so Autopay will allow 100% transparency between the parties.


Profit from parking

The length of the cooperation agreement is always negotiable. The investments in the system and its daily operation are covered by a leasing fee charged once a month or a turnover-based model, in which the parties distribute the parking profits according to a separate agreement. The system can also be purchased for a lump sum.


Extensive interface and integration capabilities

The APIs of Autopay provide extensive interface and integration capabilities. The Autopay parking system can be connected to, for example, your company's financial management or booking system.

For example, our guest parking service Booking can be integrated into the company's own system, in which case parking time can be purchased in advance in connection with other purchases, or loyal customers can be rewarded by integrating the current loyalty programme into the automatic parking payment system.

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