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EuroPark to adopt new pricing at P-Eliel – you pay only for the minutes during which you park

EuroPark is adopting a new pricing model at its P-Eliel parking garage in Helsinki.

The cornerstone of the new pricing is a minute-based tariff. This means that, as our customer, you pay only exactly for those minutes during which you park. In addition, the parking tariff is flexible, that is, it is determined according to how much the garage is used. Parking is cheaper the fewer cars there are in the garage.

You can see the tariffs valid at any given time on the screen at the garage entrance. In addition, there is a touchscreen near the customer service point where you can check the tariffs valid at that time.

“We are proud to be the first company in Finland to launch this new pricing model and the technology that enables it,” says EuroPark Finland’s Managing Director, Christer Hede.

“The technology behind the new pricing was adopted two years ago in Norway where it has proven to be of interest and quite effective. We want to offer our customers a smooth, clear and easy parking experience. The minute-based and flexible pricing makes parking at P-Eliel even more attractive than before – right in the heart of Helsinki.”

The new pricing model will come into effect at P-Eliel as of June 19, 2023. For contract customers, the new pricing model will not cause any changes or a need for any action to be taken.

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