Sustainability and quality

All of our operations are based on our values, which are honesty, enthusiasm, ambition and teamwork. These values also guide our sustainability work. We recognise that, due to its large climate impact, our sector has a lot of work to do – and we have rolled up our sleeves for the sake of a sustainable future.  

For us, sustainability also means the ability to create good jobs and be a profitable part of Finnish society. We want to offer our customers a good customer experience and, through our actions, we wish to promote the opportunity for people to use cars sustainably.

Responsibility for people

As a responsible employer, we commit to promoting equal working life without discrimination. Every year, we carry out a personnel survey to guide our operations, and we monitor the development of equality. 

Responsibility for people is tightly woven together with our quality work.  

We have drawn up a quality policy and we are improving the quality of our activities with the help of a quality management system in order to achieve an even better customer experience.  

Our aim is to ensure that our operations comply with current legislation and regulations. In addition, we are committed to continuously monitoring and evaluating our operations and constantly improving, and we are aiming for a good customer experience and personnel satisfaction.  

We have set the following quality targets:  

  • Satisfied customers 
  • Reliable customer service 
  • Skilled and satisfied personnel 
  • Reliable systems and well-functioning car parks 

These targets are constantly being monitored, and management regularly evaluates how the targets are achieved and whether there is a need for changes. The targets are achieved through investing in management, personnel satisfaction and competence, and actively learning and adapting our operations. 

We collect feedback on our operations from our customers and make course corrections whenever necessary. 


Responsibility for the environment

We are systematically working for environmental responsibility in order to be able to identify the environmental impacts resulting from our operations and to manage our environmental matters efficiently. Our environmental policy and environmental system guide this work. 

Our minimum target is to ensure that our operations comply with current legislation and regulations. We believe that responsible and environmentally sustainable business is essential. Not only do our stakeholders expect us to operate responsibly, we also see it as a competitive advantage and a fixed part of our future business. We are committed to continuously monitoring and evaluating the environmental aspects and impacts of our operations. Through this, continuous improvement becomes possible.  

We have set the following environmental targets:  

  • Decreasing CO2 emissions and achieving carbon-neutral business by 2030 
  • Environmentally aware and sustainable work community 
  • Environmentally aware partners 

First and foremost, our aim is to genuinely be effectively sustainable. Each team is committed to participating in our actions, and the teams’ members have formed a shared group that coordinates sustainability work and ensures that sustainable business is implemented throughout the organisation. With this management model, we ensure that the Environmentally aware and sustainable work community and Environmentally aware partners targets are achieved. The commitment of personnel and partners to sustainable operations and active communication play a key role in achieving these targets. 

Management regularly evaluates how the targets are achieved and whether there is a need for changes. 

A responsible partner in car parks 

When you want to make your parking more sustainable, choose us as a partner. We listen to the wishes of our customers and help in designing environmentally friendly solutions. 

EuroPark’s own vehicle fleet is quickly becoming electrified and, in the Helsinki metropolitan area, parking control is carried out using environmentally friendly electric cars. Through us, you can acquire Autopay Park & Charge electric vehicle charging stations as a service to support environmentally friendly driving. In addition, we offer paid charging stations from different operators, such as Helen, Virta and Parkkisähkö. 

Digitality is part of sustainability. In addition to pay stations, we offer diverse digital payment methods for the car parks we operate to make our customers’ lives easier. 

In Helsinki city centre, our can customers cruise around in Greenmobility’s shared cars.  

Sustainable parking can be promoted by, for example, paying attention to the parking area’s lighting, heating or electricity usage and water consumption.  


Ethics in our operations

The values that guide our operations are honesty, enthusiasm, ambition and teamwork. We require our employees and the entire organisation to work in accordance with our values every day, openly, and in compliance with applicable legislation and our ethical principles. 

 We are part of Suomen pysäköintialan liitto ry. One of the cornerstones of our operations are the principles drawn up by Suomen pysäköintialan liitto ry, which are described here. 

We operate as transparently as possible and keep an open dialogue with our stakeholders. We measure customer satisfaction and systematically collect feedback so that we can become even better. 

We have joined the Vastuu Group contractor obligation service, and we hope that our partners will do the same. We require responsible business from our supplier partners. We have adopted responsibility requirements for our partners. If you wish to work with us, please read more about our corporate responsibility requirements here.


Whistleblowing channel

If an issue is too serious for you to bring up through our normal feedback channels or if you also suspect us of a crime, infraction or abuse, we have implemented a whistleblowing channel for suspected abuses.

The whistleblowing channel is a tool for maintaining ethical principles and trust. However, please note that this channel is not meant for regular customer feedback or complaints. You can find the contact details for our customer service  here.

If the issue at hand is not regular customer feedback or a complaint, you can make an anonymous report to the whistleblowing channel here.