We cannot hide from the fact that driving and traffic have a huge impact on our climate and environment. While parked vehicles may not pollute, we want to do our part in reducing the impact of traffic on environment. Our company bears both social and environmental responsibility, and we know that actions matter more than words.

Our parking management operations are guided by choices based on our environmental values in those sites where we can, entirely or partially, decide on efficient solutions that save energy or otherwise support our environmental responsibility. Here are some of the solutions we utilise:

Wind power

Our parking locations use electricity produced by Helen by means of emission-free wind power. We use clean, renewable wind power energy. Learn more about wind power at

Emission-free recycled heat

We use emission-free recycled heat provided by Helen to heat our parking garages. Helen’s recycled heat is produced from waste heat. This solution’s impact on the emission levels of our parking garages is substantial. Learn more about recycled heat at



Our parking garages use water for cleaning and car wash services. We strive to minimise the use of water and prevent unnecessary water consumption. To achieve this, we utilise Smartvatten’s remote monitoring system to monitor the consumption of water in our locations. The system also helps us detect any leaks. Learn more at

Parking garage lighting system

The safety of our customers is very important to us and good lighting is a crucial factor in maintaining the security of our locations. We have replaced fluorescent tubes with LED lights that are brighter, consume significantly less energy, and are more durable. Our LED lighting system is integrated with a control and motion detection system that allows us to adjust the lighting volume and power, taking into account the safety of passenger and motor traffic.



We recycle and process correctly all the waste generated by our operations. Hazardous waste and substances are sorted and taken to the correct recycling facilities.

Electric cars and carsharing

EuroPark cars are mainly electric cars or hybrid cars. We are constantly replacing older car models with new, more energy-efficient and carbon-neutral models.

The majority of our locations have electric car charging stations operated by various electricity providers. We will increase the number of charging stations heavily in the future. Learn more:, and

Some locations in the city centre of Helsinki have cars available for carsharing. Learn more at


Our long-term goals

We constantly looking into new technologies and solutions that would help us maximise the energy efficiency of our operations and minimise greenhouse gas emissions and local pollution. We will implement the best of these solutions and continue to promote carbon-neutral operations in the future. We aim to become carbon-neutral by 2030.