All of our operations are based on our values, which are honesty, enthusiasm, ambition and teamwork. These values also guide our sustainability work. We recognise that, due to its large climate impact, our sector has a lot of work to do – and we have rolled up our sleeves for the sake of a sustainable future. Through our operations, we wish to promote the opportunity for people to use cars sustainably.

As a responsible employer, we commit to promoting equal working life without discrimination. Employees are included in development work, through which we promote the diversity, equality and wellbeing of our workplace. People are encouraged to actively develop their skills and job descriptions, and we simultaneously support the career development of individuals within our organisation.

Over the years, we have done a lot for sustainable parking and business operations. During 2023, we will clarify our company’s sustainability objectives and create a roadmap to guide our sustainability work towards carbon-neutral operations by 2030.

Our environmental responsibility in areas where we can have an impact ourselves

In our own procurement decisions, we implement energy-saving solutions that support sustainable development. Here are some examples of solutions according to our procurement decisions:

  • Use of renewable energy: Our parking locations use electricity produced by Helen by means of emission-free wind power.
  • Emission-free recycled heat: Our parking garages are heated using emission-free recycled heat provided by Helen. Helen’s recycled heat is produced 100 per cent from waste heat.
  • Water consumption: In our parking garages, water is consumed in regular cleaning work and car washes. We strive to minimise the use of water and prevent unnecessary water consumption. To achieve this, we utilise Smartvatten’s remote monitoring system to monitor the consumption of water. The system also helps us detect any leaks at our car parks.
  • Lighting: The safety of our customers is very important to us, and good lighting is a crucial factor in maintaining the security of our locations. We have replaced fluorescent tubes with LED lights that are brighter, consume significantly less energy, and are more durable. Our LED lighting system is integrated with a control and motion detection system that allows us to adjust the lighting volume and power, taking into account the safety of passenger and motor traffic.
  • Electric vehicle charging stations: EuroPark’s Autopay Park & Charge paid charging stations can be found in some car parks, and their number is increasing. In addition, we offer paid charging stations from different operators, such as Helen, Virta and Parkkisähkö.
  • Carsharing: Some locations in the city centre of Helsinki have Greenmobility cars available for carsharing.

General procedures supporting environmental responsibility

  • Recycling: We strive to reduce the amount of waste through more sustainable procurements. We process the waste created through our operations appropriately. Hazardous waste and substances are sorted and taken to the correct recycling facilities.
  • Electric cars: EuroPark cars are mainly electric cars or hybrid cars. When acquiring new cars, their environmental impact is evaluated and taken into account where possible.
  • Environmental responsibility together with our customers: We listen to our customers’ wishes and provide support in the environmentally responsible design and implementation of car parks.