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Parking space for your car

Do you need a permanent parking space near your workplace or home? We rent out parking spaces at several of our parking locations. You can find our contract parking tariffs and other information on each parking zone’s own page.

A parking space for rent

When you conclude a parking contract with us, you can park safely and easily at the location for which the contract was made at a fixed monthly price. We can conclude a parking contract that is valid until further notice or a fixed-term contract with a minimum duration of two months, ending on a full month. You can park in the available spaces in the area while the parking permit is valid.

If the area offers contract parking, this will be mentioned on the location’s page, along with the tariffs. Please also check the entrance, exit and pedestrian route opening hours on the location’s page or the parking area’s signage.


See contract areas

Validation of right to park

The validation of the right to park is done using the vehicle’s registration number at EuroPark Pay & Display locations. As a contract customer, you must enter your vehicle’s registration number in our parking system (Parkkiportaali) before entering the area for the first time. You will receive login credentials for the system via email once the contract is concluded. You can use the Parkkiportaali system to check the validity of your parking permit.

Entrance to EuroPark’s Autopay car parks is also based on the vehicle’s registration number. As a contractual customer, you must register with Autopay. This applies to both private and corporate customers. Our customer service will provide you with the registration instructions by email after the contract has been signed. If your company rents several parking spaces for its personnel, you will receive the registration instructions from your company's contact person.

Multiple vehicle registration numbers can be saved under the same parking permit, but only one vehicle at a time can be active in the parking system. If you have several vehicles, it is your responsibility to make sure that the registration number of the vehicle you are using is active during parking.

You will receive an access card to P-Tähtitorninvuori, which is to be shown at the entrance and exit barriers.

Night parking at Autopay locations

Night parking Mon–Fri 4 p.m.–9 a.m. and Sat–Sun 24 hrs at a fixed monthly price is possible at the following Autopay car parks: P-Autotalo, P-CityForum, P-Eliel, P-Kamppi and P-Kluuvi. Please check whether night parking is possible, as well as the times and tariffs, on the car park’s own webpage.

You can also use these car parks on weekdays between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m., in which case you need to use one of our Autopay payment methods to pay for parking. On weekdays between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m., the parking fee is determined by the car park’s valid tariffs.

Easy contact online

Through the search feature on this page, you can check the city-specific contract parking areas and find further information about a location. The location’s information will tell you whether the car park has any available contract spaces, and you can enquire about a parking space by completing the form on the location’s page. We will confirm the parking availability situation and other information related to your rental by e-mail within a few days.