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EuroPark Finland Oy, P.O. Box 336, 00101 Helsinki

Customer service

Invoice and penalty fee complaints

Complaints regarding invoices and penalty fees must always be made in writing. You can easily file a complaint through our website, you can start making a complaint here »

You can also send us a free-form complaint by post: EuroPark Finland Oy, P.O. Box 336, 00101 Helsinki. In a free-form complaint, the number of the invoice or penalty fee and vehicle registration number must always be included in order for us to be able to process your complaint.

Complaints for other than invoices and penalty fees

Billing details

Business ID 1544350-9
E-invoice address: 003715443509
Operator ID: 003723327487
Intermediator: Apix Messaging Oy

Paper invoices
EuroPark Finland Oy
P.O. Box 16112

Parking solution sales

EuroPark has long experience in parking operation services for property owners. Get to know our services here »

Advertising in car parks

Mediamix Finland,