FAQ – questions and answers about Autopay

1. How does the Autopay system identify vehicles?

The system reads the number plates of your vehicle upon entrance and exit. Both the front and rear number plate are read.

2. I forgot to pay the parking fee.
Can I still pay afterwards without an invoice fee?

You can pay the parking fee within 48 hours of exit at You do not have to log in to the service or register to pay for parking within 48 hours. You can pay the fee on the home page of

You can also register for the service at If you add your vehicle registration number and payment card details to your customer account, parking transactions will be automatically charged to your payment card in the future. You can also see any unpaid parking events that have taken place within 48 hours, which must be paid for separately upon registration.

3. I have registered as an user and added a payment card to the service. Can I park my car in any Autopay car park?

Yes, you can. Once you have added your payment card details and the vehicle registration number to the service, you can park in any Autopay car park and the payment fee will be automatically charged to your payment card. Please note that online payment must be enabled on this payment card (see question 5 for more information).

4. I have more than one vehicle in my household. Can I add more than one vehicle to my account?

You can add multiple vehicles to your account. Payment for all vehicles added to the account is made from the payment card linked to the customer account. Receipts for payment transactions are available on your account.

5. Which payment cards work in the service?

You can use all the most common electron and payment cards. Please note that in order to use a payment card, you must have enabled online payment for that card. In most cases, you can enable online payment in the settings for your payment card in your online bank or by calling the bank.

With debit/credit combination cards, you can influence which side is charged when you add the card to your account. Unfortunately, we do not accept Amex and Diners Club cards.

When paying the parking fee with a credit/debit card at a pay station, you can choose whether to pay by credit or debit card.

If you pay your parking fee online with a credit card, use the 16-digit card number on the front of the card and the three-digit verification code next to the signature panel on the back of the card.

When using the number sequence in the lower left corner of the card, you are using the debit side of the card. The first 16 digits act as the card number and the last three digits act as a verification code.

6. What are the payment methods at a pay station?

You can pay with the most common electron and payment cards. Unfortunately, our pay stations do not accept Amex and Diners Club cards. Our pay stations do not accept cash.

7. Does the pay station give a receipt?

The pay station can print out a receipt at the end of the payment transaction. You can also order the receipt to your mobile phone by entering your phone number at the end of the payment. If necessary, you can also order a copy of the receipt from our customer service

8. How much time do I have to exit the car park after payment?
What if I don't leave in time?

After payment, you have 15 minutes to exit the parking area. If the time is exceeded, a new parking event is created, which also has to be paid, for example, at a pay station or within 48 hours of exit at

8. Is there contract parking at Autopay locations?

We offer contract parking for some of our locations. You can see whether a car park offers this service on the car park’s information page on our website. Please send your enquiries to