Mall of Tripla ja EuroPark.

P-Tripla to open on 1 July 2023

EuroPark’s parking zone in Helsinki’s Mall of Tripla will open on 1 July. Tripla’s parking has been comprehensively overhauled, which will make parking at Tripla easier than before.

Kauluspaitaan pukeutunut henkilö seisoo Kauppakeskus Sellon edessä.

“Flexible and smooth parking is an attractive factor” – how EuroPark’s partnership with Sello Shopping Centre is built

Sello’s year has kicked off in the spirit of celebration, as the shopping centre is turning 20 years old this year. The number of customers has been growing steadily since the COVID pandemic, and the renting of business premises is also on the rise. “Expectations are high for the current year,” says Sello’s property manager Olli Paunola. Sello Shopping Centre …