Kauluspaitaan pukeutunut henkilö seisoo Kauppakeskus Sellon edessä.

“Flexible and smooth parking is an attractive factor” – how EuroPark’s partnership with Sello Shopping Centre is built

Sello’s year has kicked off in the spirit of celebration, as the shopping centre is turning 20 years old this year. The number of customers has been growing steadily since the COVID pandemic, and the renting of business premises is also on the rise. “Expectations are high for the current year,” says Sello’s property manager Olli Paunola.

Sello Shopping Centre has had EuroPark parking for a year now. “The solution has been successful, and cooperation has been going well since the very beginning. We have gained clarity in how parking takes place. Customers have also noticed changes in the smoothness of parking,” says Paunola.

Sello is located near good transport connections, right alongside Ring 1. Local trains have stops very close by and, in the near future, so too will the new light rail lines. For customers travelling by car, the ease of parking is an important attractive factor. The shopping centre’s customers want enough space and a smooth customer experience in parking.

“One important factor is that you do not need to register anywhere to get three hours of free parking. And even if you stay in the shopping centre for longer, the payment methods are diverse and flexible,” says Paunola.

The overhaul of the parking systems has also made parking management more efficient for the shopping centre. The barrier-free parking system, which identifies registration numbers, is reliable and accurate.

Sello shopping centre is a pioneer in responsibility; carbon neutrality, saving energy and recycling are strongly held themes and will continue to be so in the future. Responsibility can also be seen in the solutions concerning driving and parking. The garages offer, among other things, charging stations for electric vehicles as well as GreenMobility’s fully electric shared cars. “The significance of electric vehicle use is constantly growing, and it will be highlighted in the future,” Paunola says.

The Leppävaara area is growing and developing quickly, and the shopping centre’s significance as a place to meet and do business is great for the area. The prospects for the shopping centre are diverse, but the core task remains.

“We want it to be easy to come here and for people to be comfortable and make responsible purchases in the shopping centre,” concludes Paunola.