Mustiin pukeutunut henkilö nojaa EuroParkin valkoiseen pakettiautoon.

“The best part of the work is getting to solve problems” – EuroPark’s technical maintenance man Vili Vuorela knows the parking zones’ equipment

EuroPark employs people working all kinds of jobs, from customer service to maintenance and from financial management to sales. Technical maintenance man Vili Vuorela has been part of the team since 2015 – first at AutoPark and then, with the merger, at EuroPark since the start of 2023.

Starting from parking control

Vili’s career started out in parking control. “I joined in 2015 as a parking attendant, first as an hourly employee, then full-time,” says Vili.

“In 2017, I started to study for a Bachelor of Engineering degree in vehicle technology, and with it, I went back to being an hourly employee. Over the years, I gradually began doing more maintenance work.”

Vili has gained more responsibility along the way and, since the beginning of May 2023, he has been employed as a full-time technical maintenance man at EuroPark. “My job description has become more diverse, and I feel that I’ve also earned it – I’ve wanted to do my work well.”

Problem-solving and helping customers

“The best part of the work is getting to solve problems. It’s fun and rewarding, since small feelings of success come up fairly frequently throughout the day.”

Vili has built up his professional skills a great deal over the years, and he now has strong expertise in maintenance work. “My own know-how with the equipment already takes me far if a problem is found. Usually, I quickly get an idea of what the issue might be,” he says.

“I run into customers every day, and it’s nice to get to help them. The direct feedback I receive in these situations is generally positive,” says Vili.

Outlook on the parking sector

EuroPark’s merger with AutoPark at the start of the year can also be seen in a concrete way in Vili’s work. “I would like to get to know EuroPark’s old maintenance crew better next,” he says.

Vili says that the work has provided him with a broad view of operations in the parking sector. “In this job, I get to work diversely with different partners, including international ones. The network is surprisingly extensive. Still, the sector is small enough that we do all know each other here.”