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Tips for fuel efficiency: How to reduce your carbon footprint while driving

Improving fuel efficiency

Improving fuel efficiency is one of the most important ways to reduce your carbon footprint and save on costs at the same time. This is why we recommend that our customers optimise their driving habits. In a combustion engine car, a steady speed and decreasing the amount of sudden braking, for example, can significantly reduce fuel consumption. In addition, we recommend regular maintenance, so that your car remains in the best possible condition and consumes less fuel. Another important factor is minimising the load on your car. Unnecessary things in the car add weight and thus increase fuel consumption. Remove any roof racks and other extra accessories whenever they are not needed. They may create drag and thus increase fuel consumption. A lighter car means a smaller carbon footprint. Additionally, having the correct tyre pressure impacts consumption. Regularly checking and adjusting tyre pressure according to the car manufacturer’s recommendations can reduce fuel consumption by up to 3%.

Environmentally friendly driving habits

Environmentally friendly driving habits are an essential part of reducing your carbon footprint. If you have a combustion engine car, accelerate calmly and avoid pressing the accelerator unnecessarily. This not only saves fuel, but also decreases emissions. Similarly, make use of engine braking and turn off the engine when you know you will be stopping for a longer period of time. These small changes in your driving habits can make a big difference for the environment. When it is time to change vehicles, consider the more environmentally friendly options, such as a hybrid car or fully electric car.

Make use of technology to improve fuel efficiency

Modern technology offers many different tools that help people drive in a more fuel-efficient way. Take advantage of the information offered by the on-board computer, such as instant and average fuel consumption, so that you can monitor and improve your driving habits. Many new cars also include a start-stop system, which automatically stops the engine when the car stops, and starts it again when it is time to move. This reduces unnecessary fuel consumption when waiting at traffic lights, for example. You can also make use of the navigation system, which can help you find the fastest or most fuel efficient route to your destination. With these systems, you can avoid traffic jams. In addition, they also offer route options which save time and fuel. Using technology is one way to make your driving more efficient, while simultaneously reducing your environmental impact.

Smart parking

Smart parking solutions also help drivers. With EuroPark, you can find spacious parking garages which help reduce the need to drive around looking for an available parking space.  In addition, if you choose the location of your parking space wisely, you can reduce the need to use your car for short distances. For example, by choosing a parking area which is close to several of your destinations, you can walk the short distances from one place to another, and thus decrease the number of short drives. EuroPark’s parking areas are strategically located near many services and attractions. You can find more information about our car parks here.