Parkkisähkö is no longer operating in some of our car parks in Helsinki, but the Autopay Park & Charge charging service is available

Parkkisähkö is no longer operating at the following EuroPark car parks: P-WTC, P-Simonkenttä, P-Kluuvi, P-Eliel and P-CityForum. The charging service for electric and hybrid vehicles, Autopay Park & Charge, is available at these locations for registered Autopay customers. You can sign up for Autopay here:

In addition, P-Eliel and P-CityForum have Helen and Liikennevirta Oy charging stations available. 

Parkkisähkö is still available in P-Kamppi and P-Tähtitorninvuori. 

For further details, please visit the location pages: 

P-WTC, P-Simonkenttä, P-Kluuvi, P-Eliel, P-CityForum, P-Kamppi and P-Tähtitorninvuori