From parking attendant to shift manager – the flexibility of the work has been making Laura happy at EuroPark for years

Laura started out at EuroPark as a parking attendant six years ago while living in Tampere. When she began to consider moving to Helsinki three years later, she called her supervisor to talk about her plans. The call was worth it, as Laura got to hear about a vacancy that had just opened up in the Helsinki team, and Laura could thus continue working without interruption, now in a new team. The news came as a positive surprise, so the move to a new city felt like an even better idea. In her new home city, Laura got a lop-eared cat that enjoys travel to keep her company. “When we visit Tampere or go on trips to other places, the cat is always in its own cat buggy. A few times, this has caused some amusing reactions from fellow travelers when they realise that there is a cat in the buggy, not a child,” Laura says.

In Laura’s opinion, the best part of working as an attendant at EuroPark has been the flexibility of the work and workplace: “It has been really easy to adapt my shifts to my own schedule and needs. For example, during exam week, I’ve been able to take a break from work shifts and then work more of them later,” she says.

Career development and a new direction

Four months ago, Laura’s career took a new turn when she became the shift manager of EuroPark’s attendant team and the attendants’ second immediate supervisor. This was a big step forward and an agreeable change in Laura’s opinion, as the new job description feels more like her own field. The new role has brought with it more responsibility, but also the opportunity to impact the team’s operations and development. “A shift manager’s tasks include onboarding new attendants, shift planning and support for them, and providing guidance in various situations,” Laura says.

Laura is currently studying alongside her work, and she has been particularly satisfied with being able to adjust her work schedule so that it supports the progression of her studies. Laura’s own supervisor has been very flexible and understanding when changes have had to be made to her working times due to her studies or personal matters. This has been extremely valuable and has helped Laura to balance her work and studies.

“Although my life situation has changed a few times, it has been really great to see that EuroPark has been able to accept these changes. I’ve often been surprised that there are always new, interesting challenges for myself, which I’ve been happy to take on.”