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How Autopay works

What is Autopay? No queues, barriers or penalty fees. All this was achieved by switching to a digital parking system and connecting it to an automatic registration number identification system. The system was also transferred to a smart cloud service. This has resulted in an increase in the use of our car parks, improved customer engagement and positive revenue development. This is what we call Autopay.


Vehicle identification

The industry's leading technology minimises number plate reading errors. Both the front and back number plates of the vehicle are read upon entry and exit. This fast and accurate system can read all types of number plates.


Five payment methods for parking

A registered Autopay customer no longer has to worry about parking time or paying for parking on site. The customer’s payment card is automatically charged when they exit the car park. In addition to the automatic charging system, customers have four other payment methods to choose from:

  • With a payment card at a pay station
  • Mobile payment: EasyPark or ParkMan
  • With a payment card online within 48 hours of exit
  • Automatic payment card charge
  • Invoice

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Smooth entrance and exit

Our customer-oriented solution eliminates queues, penalty fees, parking tickets, and stress. Users simply drive in, run their errands and drive out. We will ensure your parking income.

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