The operating logic and payment method practice at P-Ruoholahti’s Park and Ride on level -5 have changed

In response to the feedback we have received from our customers, we have updated P-Ruoholahti’s Park and Ride system. The new system consists of a touchscreen and HSL card reader. Park and Ride is still located on level -5 in P-Ruoholahti.

If you would like to use Park and Ride at P-Ruoholahti, follow these steps:

Show the QR code on the HSL mobile ticket to the QR code reader or the HSL travel card to the card reader as soon as parking begins

Register your parking by entering your vehicle’s registration number using the touchscreen, and confirm by sliding the arrow on the touchscreen to the right

Pay for parking as you leave using your chosen payment method (parking can be paid for using all five Autopay payment methods, such as using a pay station or mobile payment). The first 12 hours of Park and Ride and the time exceeding that can be paid for at the same time.