Pay mobile

In nearly all of our locations, you can pay via mobile payment with the EasyPark and/or ParkMan apps. In order to make use of the mobile payment services, you must first download the app you want, register as a user and add your payment card details and vehicle registration number. After this, the app is ready to use.

Starting mobile payment

Start the mobile payment as soon as you have parked your vehicle. Make sure that you select the correct area. EasyPark’s area code can be found at the pay station or on the signage in the area. You can also find the code from the information on the location in question on our website.

Ending mobile payment

In Autopay areas: When you exit the area, the app will automatically stop charging you for parking.
In other areas: When you are exiting the area, you must stop the payment yourself. If needed, you can also extend the parking time.

Please note that EasyPark and ParkMan may charge their own service fee, meaning that the tariff charged may be different from the prices given by EuroPark. Please check your contract with EasyPark and ParkMan. Learn more: or