New survey: Contract parking spaces may increase the attractiveness of the workplace

A contract parking space has a big impact when employees are planning
to work at the workplace. A new survey with over 3,600
respondents reveals that nearly 70 per cent of employees consider contract parking offered by their employer to be a very important or important factor in how often they spend the day working at their workplace.

The benefits of contract parking

Contract parking offers employees many benefits – it makes the commute smoother
and decreases stress, which may relate to looking for a parking space, for example. When getting to the workplace
is made effortless and smooth, this can encourage employees to
come to the workplace more often.

Surprising survey results

According to the survey carried out by EuroPark, 43% of respondents said that a contract parking
space has a very large impact on how often the employee spends the day at the workplace, and 24% of respondents felt it had a large impact. 10% of respondents felt that a contract parking space is somewhat significant for how often the employee works from the workplace.

Based on the survey results, it can be said that employers have the opportunity to attract employees back to the workplace by offering them a free parking space. Making it easier to come to the workplace is part of a broader strategy with which companies can support the wellbeing and commitment of their employees, as well as improve the attractiveness of working from the workplace

Over 3,600 driving Finns belonging to EuroPark’s customer register responded to the survey, which was carried out in October 2023.

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