Parking products in parking zones with a barrier system

Would you like to offer your customers free parking? Would you like to have your staff's parking fees charged on a monthly basis according to usage? We provide credit tickets and key cards for parking zones with a barrier system. The key card enables hourly-based invoicing. If you are interested in long-term parking, you can rent a parking space from us »

Discount with a key card

With a key card, you are invoiced for parking once a month and receive a 10% discount on the car park’s daily tariff. We invoice our customers according to the actual parking time. The key card is shown at the barriers, not at pay stations. Learn more about how to use a key card to lift barriers and open pedestrian doors »

To get a key card, you must conclude a written parking contract with EuroPark. Key cards do not work at our barrier-free Autopay car parks.


Credit ticket for parking

With credit tickets, you can offer your customers free parking or parking benefits. Credit tickets can have a maximum time limit or monetary value, such as EUR 10. The minimum time refunded by a credit ticket is two hours.

We will only charge you in arrears for used credit tickets. Hence, it is worth ordering more tickets than you expect you will need. You will be charged according to the tariffs of the car park in question.

Credit tickets are easy to use:

1. Take the parking ticket at the entrance barrier.
2. When leaving the car park, first insert the parking ticket into the pay station’s ticket slot.
3. Then, insert the credit ticket.
4. Follow the on-screen instructions.
5. If the credit ticket does not cover your full parking time, pay the remaining amount.
6. Take the parking ticket with you.

Credit tickets can only be used in car parks with a barrier system.


Ask our customer service for more information

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