Valokuva, jossa näkyy henkilön käsi, joka ojentuu autosta laittamaan parkkilippua automaattiin.

How to park in a barrier parking zone

EuroPark has a few parking zones in Helsinki that use a barrier system. Parking in these parking zones is safe and easy. Here are a few tips for those who use a parking zone with a barrier system occasionally. Welcome!

Drive in

Upon entrance:

– press the ticket button at the entrance barrier and take the parking ticket


– insert your payment card into the payment terminal of the barrier unit or show the card to the payment terminal if the card has a contactless payment feature. You can recognise payment terminals and payment cards that support contactless payment by the radio wave symbol.

Parking and pedestrian routes

Park your vehicle in the space indicated and note where you parked your vehicle. Do not leave valuables in your car!

Most pedestrian routes are open during the day and closed in the evening and at night. Make sure that you take the parking ticket with you
when leaving the car park. You may need the parking ticket or the payment card you used upon entrance to open the pedestrian doors. You can check the opening hours of pedestrian routes in the car park details.

See the instructions to open the pedestrian doors here »

Pay the parking fee and drive out

If you took a parking ticket at the entrance barrier, you can pay for parking at a pay station or the exit barrier. First, insert the parking ticket into the pay station or barrier unit. Then, follow the instructions displayed on the payment terminal.

If you used a payment card at the entrance barrier, drive directly to the exit barrier. Insert the same payment card you used at the entrance into the exit barrier unit’s payment terminal or use contactless payment (max. EUR 50). Follow the on-screen instructions.

Learn more about the payment methods »

Do you need a receipt for the parking fee?

If you want a receipt for paying the parking fee, press the receipt button on the screen of the pay station or barrier unit.

Customer service

You can use the intercoms (receiver symbol on the device) located at the barriers and pay stations and by the pedestrian doors to contact our customer service.