Valokuva, jossa näkyy henkilön käsi, joka ojentuu autosta laittamaan parkkilippua automaattiin.

How to park in a barrier parking location

EuroPark’s only location with a barrier system is P-Tähtitorninvuori in Helsinki. At P-Tähtitorninvuori, you can pay for parking at the pay station with a payment card (debit/credit/electron) or with cash. The pay station accepts all coins and EUR 5, 10 and 20 banknotes. You can also pay for parking at the exit barrier using a payment card, but not with cash.

Did you take the parking ticket at the entrance barrier?

First, insert the parking ticket into the ticket slot of the pay station or exit barrier. Follow the on-screen instructions.

Please note! If you are boarding a ship and want to make use of a Club One customer’s credit ticket (available at the ship’s information desk), take a parking ticket upon entrance.

Did you pay with a payment card at the entrance barrier?

Insert the same payment card you used at the entrance into the exit barrier unit’s payment terminal or use contactless payment if the card has this feature (max. EUR 50). Follow the on-screen instructions.

Are you using an EasyPark card?

You can also pay for parking at P-Tähtitorninvuori with a payment card connected to the EasyPark service, which can be ordered from EasyPark. Upon arrival, insert your EasyPark card into the ticket slot of the entrance barrier. When you leave, insert the card into the ticket slot again at the exit barrier. You cannot pay for parking with the EasyPark mobile application at P-Tähtitorninvuori.

Please note that the EasyPark card must be inserted into the ticket slot of the barrier unit with the card’s magnetic stripe downwards and facing right.

Do you need a receipt for the parking fee?

If you want a receipt for paying the parking fee, press the receipt button on the screen of the pay station or barrier unit.

Key card

You can get a key card for P-Tähtitorninvuori to pay for parking once a month. The key card will give you a 10% discount on the parking tariff. We charge for parking according to the actual parking time. To get a key card, you must conclude a written parking contract with EuroPark. The key card cannot be used at any other EuroPark locations.

Pedestrian routes during nighttime

Customer service

You can use the intercoms (receiver symbol on the device) located at the barriers and pay station and by the pedestrian doors at the P-Tähtitorninvuori parking garage to contact our customer service.