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Control services

Our parking control services guarantee the smooth operation and security of your parking area. We map out the area’s requirements and, together, we come up with the best operational concept for your area, which parking control will support.

Area supervisors

Our parking control always works carefully in accordance with the principles of private law, without forgetting to be humane.

Our area supervisors are trained and experienced. They can easily be recognised from their uniforms. They visit the parking area regularly, help customers with matters related to parking, and make sure that the area’s terms are followed.

Our area supervisors also take care of the area’s cleanliness and bring security to the area through their regular presence.

We take care of supervision, from start to finish

Our staff will take care of matters relating to disputes, questions and notices. We hand unpaid penalty fees over to debt collection. As the client, you naturally have the right to cancel individual penalty fees, for example.


Our salespeople will gladly help you with parking matters.

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