Metric maksuautomaatti

More than just a ticket station

EuroPark Finland Oy is a reseller of Metric pay stations in Finland. Metric pay stations are reliable, easy to use and secure. In addition, they can withstand Finland’s weather conditions well and have a stylish look. Metric pay stations are suitable for both big and small locations.

A smoother daily life

Paying for parking is easy with a Metric pay station. In the most popular model, the vehicle registration number is first entered into the pay station, and then payment for parking is made. The parking ticket itself no longer needs to be left in the vehicle, as the registration number is saved in the parking system. This makes things easier for visitors of the parking area.

Sales and rental

As a reseller, we both sell and rent Metric pay stations. In order for parking payment to go as smoothly as possible, our services also include update and maintenance work for the pay stations.

If you have a parking zone where you want to have functional pay stations but no other parking services, we are happy to tell you more about this option.

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