Customer register privacy policy

1. Data controller

EuroPark Finland Oy, 1544350-9 P.O. Box 336, 00101 Helsinki

2. Contact person for matters relating to the register

Data Protection Officer Risto Soininen,

3. Name of the register

Customer Register

4. Purpose and legal basis for the processing of personal data

The purpose of the processing of personal data is to manage and maintain the relationship between EuroPark Finland Oy and its customer. The personal data stored in the register can be used to investigate cases of misconduct related to the short-term parking service provided by the data controller.

The processing of the personal data in the register is based on the customer relationship between the registered person and data controller, in accordance with Chapter 8, Section 5 of the Personal Data Act.

5. Data content of the register

The register contains the registration number of the vehicle, photographs of the vehicle's front plate, and information about the parking garage and the date and time of parking.

In the case of short-term parking, the number plate camera takes a photo of the number plate of the vehicle upon entrance. The registration number links the customer's registration number to the received short-term parking ticket. The customer pays for their parking at the pay station, and the number plate camera identifies the paid parking based on the registration number, letting the customer out automatically.

In addition to the data mentioned above, the register contains the name, social security number and billing address of Europark contract customers. If the customer is a corporate customer, the contact details of the company's contact person are stored in the register. When making the parking contract, the customer will be asked whether they wish to be able to use registration number identification. If they want registration number identification, the customer will provide their registration number and it will be added to the customer’s contract information in the parking system.

6. Regular sources of data

On the part of contract customers, personal data is gathered from the registered person themselves in connection with the conclusion of the agreement. Data related to the vehicle and its parking are gathered in connection with parking in Europark’s parking area.

In the case of suspected misconduct in short-term parking, the name, address and contact details of the owner/holder of the vehicle are collected from the vehicle register maintained by the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom.

7. Regular disclosure of data

Footage concerning the vehicle’s registration plate is disclosed to Traficom for finding information on the vehicle’s owner/holder.

8. Transfer of personal data outside the EU and the EEA

Personal data will not be disclosed outside the EU or the EEA.

9. Principles of protection for the register

Personal data of contract customers are stored in the register for the duration of the contract, after which the data are erased. In the case of short-term and contractual parking, footage concerning the vehicle's registration plates is retained for two weeks. Personal data concerning the owner/holder of the vehicle collected from Traficom in connection with suspected misconduct are retained for the time necessary to settle the matter. Physical materials are stored in a locked cabinet in an office. Electronic material is stored in the company’s server, with password protection.