P-Messukeskus (Autopay)

Opening hours


Telephone customer service:

Mon - Fri 7.15 am - 10 pm
Sat 9 am - 10 pm
Sun 9 am - 7 pm
Tel. +358 207 907 330,

Please note!

Maximum height is 2,2 m. Vehicles taller than the number indicated as well as vehicles with trailers must park in the open parking area. Camping is strictly forbidden in the parking areas.

Messukeskus has its own designated 6-level parking garage with approximately 4350 parking spaces situated right next to Pasila Railway Station. P-Messukeskus is open throughout the year for all customers. EuroPark's Autopay concept is based on vehicle registration number identification. The identification system determines when your parking starts and ends when you drive in and out of the parking area. In addition to P-Messukeskus, there is also an outside parking area named P-Messukeskus Siipi, which has 250 parking spaces.

Entrance and exit

P-Messukeskus entrance and exit address is Ratapihantie 17, Helsinki

Pedestrian routes

The parking garage is on the northern side of Messukeskus with an outside pedestrian route to the northern entrance.

Tariffs 24/7

From Monday to Sunday 24/7
13,00 € / entrance / day (24 h uninterrupted parking)

Unlimited parking time!

A parking permit for persons with disabilities are entitled to free parking during events at Messukeskus. When using disabled parking, the registration number is to be notified to the customer service at Messukeskus.

Purchase parking in advance online

When you purchase parking in advance, it enables you unlimited access in and out during the purchased duration. Each parking duration always starts at 00:00 and ends at 23:59. The parking can be paid online. The parking code(s) will be sent via email after the order has been completed. Purchase parking in advance online at messuparkki.autopay.fi

Contract parking

  • 24 h: 150 €/ month including VAT
  • Minimum contract period is 2 months
  • Notice period one calendar month
  • The contract has a calendar month notice period

Electric cars

Parking for electric vehicles is subject to a normal charge.

  • Charging stations suitable for all electric vehicles and hybrids (output 20 kW) are located on level P2 of the car park. There are 24 charging stations, there is charging fee for electricity.
  • Charging stations for Tesla electric cars (20A 13.8 kW) are located on level P2 of the car park. There are five charging stations and charging is free of charge.

Payment alternatives

The parking may be paid by vehicle’s register number. Visa and Mastercard payment cards are accepted in the pay stations, 48 h payment and Autopay registration.

1. Pay the parking fee using a pay station before driving out of the parking area

You can pay the parking fee using a pay station as you're leaving the parking area. Simply enter your vehicle's registration number in the payment machine and pay the parking fee. Our Autopay pay station accept Visa and Mastercard payment cards (no cash payment option). After payment you have one hour to drive out of the parking area. The pay stations are located in the stairway A, 1st and 4th floor and outside of the stairway A.

2. Autopay 48 h payment

You can pay the parking fee on our website using your payment card within 48 hours of driving out of the parking area. Pay your parking fee here (www.autopay.io) »

3. Automatic payment card charge

You can register as an Autopay user. By registering you can park in any of our Autopay parking areas and have your parking fees charged automatically from your payment card. This way you do not need to worry about paying the parking fee on-site using a payment machine. Register as a user at the pay station or here and sign in (oma.europark.fi) »

4. Mobile payment

You can also pay your parking fee at our Autopay parking areas using the EasyPark or ParkMan smartphone applications' mobile payment option. Simply start the mobile payment yourself when entering the parking area. Memorize your vehicle’s registration number. EasyPark/ParkMan stops charging for the parking automatically when driving out. EasyPark area 720.

Attention! Currently Diners Club and American Express cards do not work when utilizing the paying via 48 h paying system or when paying though a created account. They will be available soon. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.