P-Lauttis (Autopay area)

Opening hours

P-Lauttis has same opening hours than shopping center Lauttis, more information »

Telephone customer service open:

Mon–Fri from 7.15 am to 10 pm
Sat from 9 am to 10 pm
Sun from 9 am to 7 pm
Tel. +358 207 907 330,

Please note!

The maximum height is 2,3 m. Trailers are prohibited.

Our Autopay concept is based on vehicle registration number identification. The identification system determines when your parking starts and ends when you drive in and out of the parking area.

Entrance and Exit

  • Entrance to levels P1 and P2 from Taivaanvuohenkuja, 00210 Helsinki (turning to Taivaanlahdenkuja from Lauttasaarentie)
  • Entrance to level P1 also from Otavantie 9, 00210 Helsinki
  • Exit to Lauttasaarentie 27, 00210 Helsinki

On which level, should I park my car?

Level P1 is reserved for the Shopping Centre Lauttis customers. Level P2 is for park and ride customers as well as residents. Lauttis Shopping Centre customers may use level P2 park and ride parking spaces during weekdays from 5pm until the shopping centre closes as well as on the weekends. The park and ride spaces are marked with a P+Metro 6-17 sign. Parking in the residential spaces is forbidden. Level P2 will have parking supervision.

Pedestrian routes

Into Shopping Centre Lauttis and Otavantie

Tariffs 24/7

  • Parking fee: 2 € / h (1 € / starting 30 min)
  • Minimum fee: 1 €
  • Park and ride from monday to friday between 6-17: 2 € / parking time (level P2, only in the designated parking spaces)
  • The disabled parking permit does not qualify for free parking in this parking hall.

Contract parking, level P1

  • 24 h: 180 €/ month + VAT
  • Contract parking at level P1
  • Minimum contract period is 2 months
  • The contract has a calendar month notice period

Park and Ride

  • There is a limited amount of park and ride parking spaces for a special price on level P2. The only entrance to the park and ride spaces is from Lauttasaarentie.
  • The availability of the park and ride spaces may be seen from the P-Metro information board.
  • All the park and ride spaces are marked with blue P+Metro 6-17 signs. Parking in other spaces is forbidden.
  • Park and ride parking is paid at the pay station when leaving. Memorize the vehicle’s license plate before going to the pay station.
  • If the park and ride spaces are taken (information boards are out of order), there is 5 minutes’ time to leave the parking for free.

Payment alternatives

The parking may be paid by vehicle’s register number. Visa and Mastercard payment cards are accepted in the pay stations, 48 h payment and Autopay registration.

1. Pay the parking fee using a pay station before driving out of the parking area
You can pay the parking fee using a pay station as you're leaving the parking area. Simply enter your vehicle's registration number in the payment machine and pay the parking fee. Our Autopay pay station accept all of the most common payment cards (no cash payment option). After payment you have 15 minutes to drive out of the parking area.

2. Autopay 48 h payment
You can pay the parking fee on our website using your payment card within 48 hours of driving out of the parking area. Pay your parking fee here (oma.europark.fi) »

3. Automatic payment card charge 
You can register as an Autopay user. By registering you can park in any of our Autopay parking areas and have your parking fees charged automatically from your payment card. This way you do not need to worry about paying the parking fee on-site using a payment machine or mobile payment. Register as a user here or sign in (oma.europark.fi) »

4. Mobile payment
You can also pay your parking fee at our Autopay parking areas using the EasyPark or ParkMan smartphone applications' mobile payment option. Simply start the mobile payment yourself when entering the parking area. Memorize your vehicle’s registration number. EasyPark/ ParkMan stops charging for the parking automatically when driving out. EasyPark areas: P1, upper level area 713  and P1, lower level area 714 .

More information on Autopay parking system »