Short term parking

EuroPark locations accept payment for short term parking in cash or by payment card. Value Cards and Key Cards are accepted in most of the EuroPark's locations exept Autopay locations.

Value Cards

Value cards will only be sold at P-Ruoholahti and they will work only at P-Ruoholahti parking garage from the 1st of December 2020. See more details on the P-Ruoholahti page »

Value cards will not be sold at other locations from the 30th of November 2020.

Key Card

A Key Card allows you to park at most of EuroPark's locations (not in Autopay locations). Key Card users enjoy a 10 % discount on the regular rates for the car park concerned, and pay a monthly invoice for parking time used. Key Cards are only issued to EuroPark customers with a written parking contract.

Contact us!

For further details, contact the customer service desk at an indoor car park or call +358 20 790 7300.