P-CityForum (Autopay)

Opening hours

Mon-Sun 6 am - midnight
Exit possible 24/7

Customer service on the pedestrian route to Forum at the upper level is open:

Mon–Fri from 8 am to 9 pm
Sat from 9 am to 5 pm
Sun from 9 am to 5 pm
Contact:  tel. 0207 907 306,

Telephone customer service p. 0207 907 306

Mon - Fri 7.15 am - 10 pm
Sat 9 am - 10 pm
Sun 9 am - 7 pm
At other times: tel. +358 204 912 723

Please note!

The height on the drive way connecting P-City and P-Forum is 2,1 m. Trailers are prohibited.

P-CityForum – in the middle of Helsinki city center. P-CityForum's parking system changed in the 1st of January, 2021.

Entrance and exit

Entrance to the car park Mon–Sun from 6 am to midnight, exit possible 24/7

  • Simonkatu 7
  • Jaakonkatu (turn from Eteläinen Rautatiekatu and Pohjoinen Rautatiekatu)
  • Ruoholahdenkatu 3: at the Lapinrinne corner, the City service tunnel. Please note:  After the barriers at the Ruoholahdenkatu entrance there is a speed bump before the express door. A traffic sign concerning this is placed before the speed bump.

Pedestrian routes

  • Pedestrian route closed for further notice: Eerikinkatu 8: Pedestrian route available 24/7.
  • Forum Shopping Center and Kukontori: Elevators available Mon–Sun from 6 am to 12 pm
  • Fredrikinkatu 42: Pedestrian route available 24/7
  • Kamppi shopping center (at the corner of Annankatu and Urho Kekkosen katu) and Narinkatori: Pedestrian route available Mon–Sun from 5 am to 10 pm
  • Kamppi  shopping center ‘s E-level  and the Espoo bus terminal (the elevator to P-CityForum in front of the platform number 56): Pedestrian route available during Espoo bus terminal's opening hours, see opening hours here »
  • Kalevankatu 3: Pedestrian route available 24/7
  • Kansakoulukuja: Pedestrian route available 24/7
  • Kukontori, Yrjönkatu 23 B (Forum): Pedestrian route  available during Forum Shopping Center's opening hours, see opening hours here »
  • Stockmann: Pedestrian route available during Stockmann’s opening hours, see opening hours here »
Tariffs 24/7 

From Monday to Saturday
Between 00–08: 1,00 €/ starting 60 min
Between 08–18: upper level 3,70 €/ starting 30 min, lower level 3,30 €/ starting 30 min
Between 18–24: 1,00 €/ starting 30 min, upper level max. 8 €, lower level max. 6,00 €

Between 00–24: 1,00 €/ starting 60 min

24 h, uninterrupted parking
24 h (max. fee/24 h) upper level: 40,00 €
24 h (max. fee/24 h) lower level: 36,00 €

Prices include VAT. Unlimited parking time!
The disabled parking permit does not qualify for free parking in this parking hall.

Contract parking

  • 24/7contact parking prices: 
    - on the upper level: 335 €/ month + VAT
    - on the lower level: 305 €/ month + VAT
  • Night parking  Mon – Fri 4 pm to 9 am, Sat – Sun 24 h: 100 €/ month +VAT
  • Minimum contract period is 2 months
  • The contract has a calendar month notice period

Payment alternatives from 1.1.2021 onwards

The parking may be paid by vehicle’s register number. Visa and Mastercard payment cards are accepted in the pay stations, 48 h payment and Autopay registration.

1. Pay the parking fee using a pay station before driving out of the parking area

You can pay the parking fee using a pay station as you're leaving the parking area. Simply enter your vehicle's registration number in the payment machine and pay the parking fee. Our Autopay pay station accept Visa and Mastercard payment cards (no cash payment option). After payment you have 15 minutes to drive out of the parking area.

2. Autopay 48 h payment

You can pay the parking fee on our website using your payment card within 48 hours of driving out of the parking area. Pay your parking fee here (www.autopay.io) »

3. Automatic payment card charge

You can register as an Autopay user. By registering you can park in any of our Autopay parking areas and have your parking fees charged automatically from your payment card. This way you do not need to worry about paying the parking fee on-site using a payment machine. Register as a user at the pay station or here and sign in (www.autopay.io/singup) »

4. Mobile payment

You can also pay your parking fee at our Autopay parking areas using the EasyPark or ParkMan smartphone applications' mobile payment option. Simply start the mobile payment yourself when entering the parking area. Memorize your vehicle’s registration number. EasyPark/ParkMan stops charging for the parking automatically when driving out. EasyPark area 739.

Additional services

  • Nura Car wash, telephone 040 729 0377: At the lower level driving in from Ruoholahdenkatu entrance and att the lower level driving in from Simonkatu entrance
  • The four electric vehicle charging stations provided by Helen are located on the lower level in area F. Registration to the Virtapiste service is required. The free Virtapiste application may be downloaded from app stores. To register, please go to http://virta.fi
  • The 12 electric vehicle charging stations provided by Parkkisähkö are located on the lower level in area F. Registration to the Parkkisähkö service is required. Order a staring pack online from www.parkkisahko.fi. Follow the instructions.
  • On rainy days you are welcome to borrow an umbrella at the Umbrella parks which currently are located by the pedestrian routes to the Kamppi shopping centre’s E-level (Espoo bus terminal), Eerikinkatu and Kansakoulukuja.