Payment methods

EuroPark accepts payment in cash or by payment card, by EuroPark Key Card and by EasyPark Card.

Key Card

You may also purchase a Key Card and pay for your parking time by monthly invoice. This earns a discount of 10 % according to the current parking rates at various locations. Click here for further details of Key Cards.

EasyPark Card

EasyPark also issues payment cards for the EasyPark service in indoor car parks. Simply use the card to operate the gate on arrival and departure. Click here for further details of the EasyPark service.



How to park in EuroPark's garages - Parking made easy!

Welcome! Drive into the parking hall.

Step 1

Welcome! Please enter the garage.

When paying with a credit or a value card, insert your card to the machine.

Step 2

Insert any authorized card in an entry station, or push the button for a ticket.

Park your car. If you took a token from the machine when driving to the hall, take it with you when leaving the parking hall.

Step 3

Park the car and take the card or ticket with you. Please remove any valuables in the car out of sight for security reasons.

If you used a credit or a value card when driving to the hall, drive straight to the gate.

Step 4

If you chose to take a ticket at the gate upon entry, please pay to an automatic pay station or to our staff at the service counter before picking up your car to leave the garage. If you used a card upon entry, please drive directly to the exit gate.

Follow the guides with 'Ulos/Exit' and drive to the gate.

Step 5

Follow the exit signs and drive to the gate.

If paying with a credit or a value card, insert the same card you used when driving to the hall.

Step 6

Insert the same card used upon entry in the exit station or insert the paid ticket.

Take the receipt and the gate will open. Have a safe journey and welcome back!

Step 7

Card users may choose receipt or not at the exit station. Ticket users take the returned ticket receipt and the gate opens.

Drive safely and welcome back!