AUTOPAY – five ways to pay for parking

You can pay for parking with the registration number of your vehicle. Visa and Mastercard payment cards (debit/credit/electronic) are accepted as payment instruments at pay stations, for payment within 48 hours and upon registration. You cannot pay in cash in our Autopay locations. You can pay for parking automatically, on site or
afterwards – the choice is yours.

1. Automatic payment card charge

Sign up for Autopay to activate automatic payment. Add your vehicle’s registration number and payment card details to your Autopay account. Automatic payment works in all EuroPark Autopay car parks. In future, you do not have to worry about paying for parking at the car park.

You can sign up for Autopay

Your receipts can be found on your Autopay profile: The Autopay service works with a web browser.

Learn more about automatic payment »


2. Pay at a pay station

You can pay the parking fee at a pay station before leaving the car park.
Enter your vehicle registration number (in the format ABC123) in the pay station
and follow the on-screen instructions. After payment, you have 15 minutes to exit the car park.

You can also register as an Autopay user when paying for parking at a pay station.


3. Mobile payment

In our Autopay locations, you can also pay with the EasyPark or ParkMan smartphone app. Start the mobile payment once you have parked in your vehicle.  When you exit the car park, the app will automatically stop charging you for parking. 

Please make sure you select the correct parking zone in the app. You can check the EasyPark area code at a pay station or on our website.

Please note, that EasyPark and ParkMan may charge their own service fee and the price charged for parking may differ from the prices notified by EuroPark. Please review the EasyPark and ParkMan contract terms before using them.

Learn more: or


4. Pay within 48 hours of exit

You can pay for parking with a payment card at within 48 hours of exiting our Autopay car park – without any extra cost!

Please note that in order to use the payment card, you must have enabled online payment for your payment card.


5. Invoice

If you do not use the other payment options, we will send you an invoice. In that case, a surcharge of EUR 5 will be added to the parking fee, so we recommend that you use one of the other options.

We will verify the vehicle's owner/holder data from the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom. The invoice option is only available for vehicles whose owner and/or holder information is available in Traficom’s database.

Unpaid parking fees for vehicles whose owner and/or holder information is not available in Traficom’s database will be passed on to debt collection. We will add an administrative fee of EUR 5 to the unpaid parking fee.