Parking in EuroPark parking zones

Parking in EuroPark parking zones is easy and safe. They are located in central locations of multiple cities from Helsinki to Rovaniemi and at Helsinki Airport. Our parking zones are clean and bright and offer effortless parking.

Best place for your car

Whether you are running errands or need a longer stay for your car, we have an ideal parking space for you. You can find the prices and other conditions of short-term or contractual parking on each location’s own page.

With or without barriers

We have both barrier-free Autopay locations or locations that use a barrier system. The Autopay parking system is based on the identification of vehicle registration numbers. The system eliminates the need for parking tickets and entrance and exit barriers. The registration number identification system starts and ends your parking time when you enter and exit the parking area. We offer multiple payment options. Learn more about our payment methods »

If the parking zone uses a barrier system, you will be given a parking ticket at the entrance barrier. You can pay for parking at a pay station or the exit barrier. Read more »

Additional services for motorists

In some of our locations, you can have your car washed, borrow an umbrella on a rainy day, charge your electric or hybrid car, or rent a shared car. You can find information about the additional services on each parking zone’s own page.

Customer service

Our customer service helps you and answers your questions either by phone or email. You can find the contact details of our customer service on the ‘Contact us’ page »

Our large car parks in Helsinki, P-CityForum, P-Eliel, P-Kluuvi
and P-Ruoholahti have a customer service desk. You can find the opening hours of these customer service desks on each parking zone’s own page.

Happy parking!


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